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Privacy Policy

ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital realize the importance of private information and the your privacy or the person under your care e.g. the minor or the incompetent person (which from now on the privacy policy will call “You”) Please study this privacy policy before you use our service by locking in to www.theptarin.com or other applications that the ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital will set up in the future. (“website and application of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital”) and including in the use of our medical service in our hospital or get the information from other source. which from this privacy policy will call “Service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital”.

Privacy policy does not use the data collected from you through the website or application or other channel which we do not make under the privacy policy website or application or other channel.

Privacy policy is considered to be one of the conditions in giving the service of website and application or to receive the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital. By using this service of each time you have read and accepted the privacy policy which is as follow:-

For the information of your health except from following the policy, the ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital will hold and perform according to the law, regulation, or the order of supervisory authority.

What data that we collect from you

We collect the necessary data for you to use the medical service (including to prevent, follow or restrain the danger for your life, body or health) and make it convenient for you to come and use the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital. The data that we collect for the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital is general data and personal data that you fill in or send or upload in order to come and use the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital including the health information from other hospitals that belong in the ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital group. The personal data can identify that person directly or indirectly e.g.

- The data that identifies the person, e.g. Name & Surname, picture, sex, date of birth, ID numbers etc….
- Contact information e.g. address, telephone number and e-mail.
- Information about using the website and application of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital.
- Information about payment e.g. Credit Card or Debit account with the bank.
- Health information and mind, information of treatment and lavatory test and diagnosis.
- History of allergy and side effects of the medicine.
- Suggestion or your opinion

Why do you have to collect and use your personal data

We have to collect, update, and evaluate and use the above data for health service or to facilitate you in the proper way and continuously and efficiently e.g. to contact and ask about your data. To inform you about the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital or the information that you have sent through the ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital including using your personal data to improve the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital and to cover your most requirement.

Besides, in case that we get your consent we may use and reveal your personal data to introduce the products and service including all our promotions that is suitable for you or if we think that the products and promotions is suitable for you, we will present the products and promotion to you by the contact that you have given us.

The period in keeping the personal data

We will keep your personal data in the hospital system for the period of 5 years, starting from the date that the hospital has collected the data or adjust the additional documents to the data which is the estimate time to use for treatment and follow the symptom after the treatment or may be more period of time in the case that the hospital is able to evaluate the mentioned data by the law and when it is over the period of time we will destroy the personal data following to the procedure of destroying the hospital data.

To whom we can reveal your personal data and the reason for revealing it.

We will reveal your data to the other hospitals in Theptarin Group to the medical service or to facilitate you in a proper, continuous and efficient way or to reveal to the representatives of the ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital in communication, computer, payment or (Technology Outsource). The ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital has a strict policy to reveal your personal data as necessary under the scope of law.

We will reveal your information to the persons that you have permitted us, for example the insurance company or our business partner so that it is convenient for you to claim the insurance or receive any service from our business partner regarding to the medical service or other service and to make sure that that person will stickly keep the information in secret.

We may have to reveal your data to the government sector or by the court order or authority sector.

We may keep your personal data in the Cloud Computing system by using the service from the third person, either located in the country or overseas. We will make a contract with that mentioned person with precaution and consider the safety in keeping the personal data with our utmost ability.

How can we manage your personal data

We will keep the data we collect from you with the standard that the law specifies with the suitable system to protect and keep your data safety e.g. using Secure Sockets Layer: SSL) for using the password through the internet.

In giving the medical service under the website and application from ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital we will keep your data with the cooperation overseas which we have made contract with the mentioned cooperation with precaution and consider the safety in keeping your data with our utmost ability.

Besides this we have a limit to give your data to specific staff or our personnel who have to know your data to use for medical service or to facilitate you for other services suitable and efficient from ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital Group.

What right do you have?

You have the right to your data that we keep including the copies of information or we have updated or changed the mentioned data.

You have the right to oppose, restrain or cancel the permission to collect or reveal your data.

You have the right to ask us to delete or destroy or reveal the source of your data in the case that you find that we or our personnel use or reveal your data not in the way that you permitted.

You have the right to complain to the Information Protection Committee.

Because of this you will be aware that to restrain or to cancel the permission to keep or to reveal your data or to delete or to destroy your data will result that you can not use some services or the convenience in receive the medical service and to facilitate other service under the website and application or to receive the service of ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital.


You can contact and use the right according to Privacy Policy with Information Protection Personnel by contact at:

ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital
3850 Rama 4 Road, Klongtei, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02-348-7000

Changing privacy Policy

We may revise and change the Privacy Policy from time to time so that it will be suitable with the changing of service and our management or according to the advice and your opinion or to follow the scope of law.

General Data Protection Rule

To open and use cookies is necessary in Browser so that we can manage the setting as you want, in order to give you the smooth experience and more privacy. The cookies data will be kept in your browser and will perform e.g. present the products and the suitable service for you when you visit our website which will give you deeper data than other websites that you think are interesting and more useful. You can adjust the setting of your cookies by clicking here.

Cookie Policy

During using the website https://.theptarin.com/ the data that connects with the website that you use will be kept in the form of a cookie. Cookie policy will explain the meaning of cookie, how it works, what for and how to delete cookies for your privacy. In using the website https://www.theptarin.com/ is considered that you have permitted us to use the Cookies Policy as the following details:-

What is Cookie

Cookie is the small file to keep the data by recording in the computer or your communication tool through the browser web that you choose to use in visiting our website.

The advantage use of cookie

We use cookies to keep the identity of your visit to our website. Your identity will make us memorize your way of using our website and this data will be used to improve our website to adjust to your requirement more conveniently and fast in using the website. At some point it is necessary for us to let the third person which might have to use Internet Protocol Address and cookies to analyze including to connect the data and evaluate the market objective.

Variety and Function of cookie

We use 4 kinds of cookies on our website. These cookies cannot tell your identity.

Essential permanent type Cookie is necessary for the website which will enable you to get to the data and the work of our website in every part.

This type of cookie will be kept and deleted after you use the website. This type of cookie will analyze and evaluate the work. This type of cookie will help to evaluate the work by combining the pages that you have visited including the group of the people who visit by this data will be used to analyze the behavior of the visitors. And we will use this result to improve our website to meet the requirements of the visitors more. However the data and evaluation do not mention name or your identity and there is no collection of personal data e.g.name , e-mail etc. and will use the data for statistics only.

cookie working type. This type of cookie is to memorize all the characteristics that you choose to use the website, data is recorded and reused again when you come back and use our website. The thing that you have used will show the result you do not need to choose again for the convenience for you to use. However this data of each evaluation will not mention the name, or your identity and do not keep the personal data e.g. name, e-mail etc. and will use the data in a statistical way only.

cookie for advertise : this type of cookie will memorize the visit of the website and the spot of visit and your interest. This data will be used to improve the website and market policy that meet your requirements.

How can you delete cookie

You can delete cookie by study how to do in the following web browser as follows:-

- Chrome
- Firefox
- Internet Explorer
- Safari
- Safari for ios
- Chrome for android
- Chrome for ios

The change of our Policy

This Cookie policy will be changed and improved occasionally to follow the regulation. We advise you to check and make sure that you will understand the changing of the mentioned rule.


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